Watcha wearing today? OOTD 18th Dec

Outfit Frau Hein; Friday, 18th December 20015

Dress: Opus

Boots & tights: Primark

Wrap cardi: TNC/Tschibo

Necklace: Second Hand

Ear ring: DIY



 Frau Hein’s closet

Kurven Koeniginnen

Kurven Koeniginnen


Kurven Königinnen möchte eine positive Lebenseinstellung vermitteln und andere kurvige Frauen motivieren, mit Humor und innerer Leichtigkeit durchs Leben zu gehen.
Kurvy Kweens want to convey a positive attitude and motivate other curvy women to go through life with humor and inner ease.
Du findest mich auch hier / You can also find me here:
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  1. I like this outfit because the hues are dark but not black. Three shades of purple so to say :).
    The ward cardi by TCM is a very dark purple, the dress is too but it has sprinkles and dots of a violet which match excatly the color of the tights.
    My favorite color combo of violet and pink goes together very well here.
    Earrings in innocent rose with a not-so-innocent message make for clandestine joy during grey and boring days.



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