Selfies, ego and the real world

Selfie DagI am part of the Selfie lie too! At arms length, camera angle from above and “click”. Best against the sun, then into the filter, pimp it more pretty and DONE.
No double chin, no more wrinkles, just radiant complexion and perfect make up. The rest of our voluptuous body is not seen anyway. Ooooh, I am beautiful.

You get our comeuppance for it, in the real world, meeting someone for the first time in person you only knew via social networks. Statements like “Oh, you look quite different” combined with a appraising look on the full figur brings one back to the hard grounds of reality. Finagled slimmer, younger and more beautiful again. (of course, our opponent did that too)

But we also know what happens when we post the unvarnished truth, in macro photography without any filter, best with disheveled hair directly out of bed. Then, often with a ‘oh so funny’ disguised  joke (with unhidden malice) “Oh poor you, are you sick?” – “Darling, you do need a vacation, you look overworked”

Conclusion: We contiue to make ourselves more slender, younger and beautiful, for it is clear that most do just that. So we have leveled the tie . . . with the knowledge that everything is different in the real world.

Dag Weidemann

Dag Weidemann

Founder & Blogger

Gründerin der Kurven Königinnen. Unermüdlicher Motor mit übersprudelnden Ideen, Bloggerin, Administratorin und Expertin für soziale Medien, ständig unterwegs im Dienste der Kurven Krone.
Founder of the Kurvy Kweens. Tireless motor with bubbling ideas, Blogger, Administrator and Social Media Expert, always on the move in service of the curves crown.
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