Second Hand adventures in Shropshire

shop2Out and about in service of the curves crown.

Sunny day! I am full of anticipation, I’m going to the small town Wellington in Shropshire. A shopping area with a “Indoor Market” and small shops in an old architecture. I feel a bit like being in a Harry Potter movie.

In the UK, the majority of thrift stores is in the hand of charity organizations; British Heart Foundation , Cottage Care PDSA , Cancer Research etc. The items and clothing that can be purchased, are all donations and in the abundance of offerings one gets the impression that people like to give a lot. None of the shops specializing in a particular consumer base or specific products, they have the typical assortment of clothes and utensils. You browse and hope to grab something beautiful . . .

shop1 I’m always observing that the proportion of obese people in Britain is very high. I often see women with a size beyond 22 and then wonder, where they all  buy their clothes; especially here in the provinces (We are just a few miles away from deepest Shropshire) there is hardly a shop which sells plus size clothing. Many  also depend on these shops due to their low income. And there is a hive of activity. Many women browse the clothes racks and shelfes with the same dedication as I do. No one is embarrassed to buy something used. Marvelous, that’s how it should be. The fact that the clothing style here in the English countryside is a little staid, is forgivable. The prices are incredibly low and the clothing is very well preserved and maintained.

rock In the very first shop: Bingo! I find the coolest skirt I’ve ever seen, as new, unfortunately 2 sizes too big for me, so I have to leave it with a heavy heart,  but not without taking a photo. Its price: £ 3.85

I keep walking through the narrow streets, from one charity shop to the next. I am absolutely thrilled,  in every store I find one small selection of clothing up to size 20, in two shops they have even very nice dresses up to size 28. Unfortunately, there it is so full that it would be inappropriate to take pictures. Almost everywhere the garments are sorted by color. Bags  in great variety are also on offer, as well as shoes, belts, scarves and  jewelry. And, of course dishes, glassware, furniture and other bells and whistles. Even a fine selection of golf clubs is for sale.

oberteileAs most stores are really tiny, the choice is certainly limited. But if you like  dresses and skirts, there are a lot to find. I am looking for some bell-bottoms, unfortunately I am unsuccessful. After visiting at least 10 small thrift shops, I pay the indoor market  a visit, get a few things and then treat myself to an orange juice in the sun.

I had a wonderful day with many impressions and very friendly shop assistants and customers. The kindness of the people here knocks me off my feet repeatedly.

Therefore my tip: When you come to England, you have go to one of the many charity shops that are found on every highstreet. With a little luck it is possible to find some great stuff for the curvy woman.

Dag Weidemann

Dag Weidemann

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