Plus Size-Out and about in service of the curves crown

For some time now, there is this endless discussions regarding sizes, plus sizes, and (non-existent) undersizes. Suddenly kids sizes are touted as desirable for adult women, voluptuous women claim the term ‘curvy’ theirs and couturiers discover the ‘normal’ woman.

tightAnd what about myself? My hip is a passable size 18 (US 16), my waist preferred size 20 (US 18), so I always have the choice between flapping on the butt or pinching the stomach. My boobs do not fit those sizes. Ican decide between tent or what I call ‘the Pamela Anderson effect’. Neither one  is really my preference.

Which takes us back to the actual topic: The Plus Sizes. (What an ugly term)

I’d like to go to a store and find something I like for both, my upper and lower my body part. And above all, I would like the same clothes to choose from as my slimmer and more voluptuous girlfriends.

Therefore, I betake me to look for shops where I will find that.

Out and about in service of the Curves Crown

From time to time I’ll go on a hunt for us and share my experiences with you.

Dag Weidemann

Dag Weidemann

Founder & Blogger

Gründerin der Kurven Königinnen. Unermüdlicher Motor mit übersprudelnden Ideen, Bloggerin, Administratorin und Expertin für soziale Medien, ständig unterwegs im Dienste der Kurven Krone.
Founder of the Kurvy Kweens. Tireless motor with bubbling ideas, Blogger, Administrator and Social Media Expert, always on the move in service of the curves crown.
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