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Leda-And-The-SwanWhen we hear the name “Peter Paul Rubens”, we immediately think of illustrations of lush, naked women. Although these only represent  a fraction of his works, yet  they are the ones that we all know.

The Flemish painter was born in 1577 in Siegen, Germany and is considered the epitome of Baroque painting. During his lifetime his art was already so popular, that a large number of students wanted to be be trained by himhis apprentices include J. Brueghel d. Ä., A. van Dyck and F. Snyder.

Ruben’s Biography and complete work here

Kurven Koeniginnen

Kurven Koeniginnen


Kurven Königinnen möchte eine positive Lebenseinstellung vermitteln und andere kurvige Frauen motivieren, mit Humor und innerer Leichtigkeit durchs Leben zu gehen.
Kurvy Kweens want to convey a positive attitude and motivate other curvy women to go through life with humor and inner ease.
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