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Queen Mum (me) infront of Rubensweyb

Besides organising the Kurven Markt I am a passionate Second Hand customer. My love for those little shops, where there’s always some awesomeness or a cool single piece to find is dearly and I never get tired to go on search for those treasure troves. That’s why the invitation for the opening of Rubensweyb Second Hand delighted me particuarly.

On a Saturday Curve blogger Frau Hein and I hit the road from Bremen to Hechthausen in the North German Lowlands. Interrupted by a photo-stop at a graffiti fuzzled house, numerous  small turning manouvres and a quick flower shopping at the local supermarket we arrived at the scene of the event in  good time (but not awkwardly early).


Sabine Barfurth (left) with customers

Loads of guests already there. Real pleasant Live music by Simon Bellett. Tasty snacks and drinks. And in the middle owner Sabine Barfurth takes care of every thing and everybody. The shop offerings are well assorted, something really special on openingday. I rifle through all gear and then FrauHein finds a terrific cape (wouldn’t you know it?).


Frau Hein in professional discussion with Matina Stüven

For now, I try to take pictures, unfortunately not very successfully (which is easy to see) and get stuck at a rack with exquisit woolen jackets and pretty garments. They are sewn by Matina Stüven of Schrankfit, who has recently decided to manufacture Plus Sizes as well. All pieces are brand new hand-made of premium, high quality fabrics.

Rubensweyb Studio

Rubensweyb Photostudio

Thus Rubensweyb is more than just a Plus Size Second Hand Store. The back part of it locates a photostudio, as Sabine Barfurth is a photographer as well. Her large-sized pictures of curvy women are hanging on the walls. Sabine wants to help volouptious women  to gain self-convidence and accompany them on their journey to a more positive self-perception (If you’re interested, you can contact her anytime.)

Frau Hein and I  have cheerful talks with attendees and especially with each other. The visit at Rubensweyb was worth while. Who ever would like to get to know owner Sabine Barfurth in person, can meet her at the next Bremen Kurven Markt on 4th. April or just hit the road to Hechthausen.

Dag Weidemann

Dag Weidemann

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Gründerin der Kurven Königinnen. Unermüdlicher Motor mit übersprudelnden Ideen, Bloggerin, Administratorin und Expertin für soziale Medien, ständig unterwegs im Dienste der Kurven Krone.
Founder of the Kurvy Kweens. Tireless motor with bubbling ideas, Blogger, Administrator and Social Media Expert, always on the move in service of the curves crown.
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