Is there anybody alive out there?

aliveWith these words my favorite artist usually opens his shows. Close to four hours later, his audience, pumped with adrenaline and positive energy,  has answered the question by feeling life thunder through their veins on a cellular basis.
It takes me almost four hours to develop and physically write one blog post. Contrary to the above mentioned artist I do not receive billions of dollars for it. No screams for an encore. Not even applause. Am I whining yet?

As the lonesome blog author I am asking myself whether there is anybody out there reading my stuff. And if there is, how do they like it? If they do. Is my writing blog posts merely scribble for easy consumption and instant oblivion? Does it disappear among the immensely huge supply of written material pertaining to the same topics? Is anybody interested in it? Does it touch anybody?

So, why do I do this?

  • Individuality – I take effort in not writing the 154th article on one topic which has been dealt with elsewhere. Even if I happen to do so I attempt to employ my individual writing style.
  • Curiosity – Each article requires research and this almost always takes me further into a particular subject than I could have thought on my own.
  • Resonance – Everybody needs some kind of resonance to their actionsfor their well being, because nobody is an island. Everybody needs somebody – as the Blues Brothers so rightfully claimed – be it for narcissitic or for altruistic reasons. We all wish to achieve something in our lives otherwise we would consider it senseless. We bathe in our own thoughts like a chicken in the broth if we do not receive any influence, impetus, questions, comments from outside our own selves.

I will not go as far as relating my entire personal happiness to someone else reading my blog posts or not. Aside from my writing I consider my life quite fulfilled. Still, I enjoy writing here and I do think that I have something to say to the world ;). I started writing here with the wish to share my experience, my perceptions, my desires, and the hardships of being an overweight woman. Sharing – in the sense of a two-way street, not as in “I, the writer, offer some fodder to you which you may or may not consume”. I really would like to get to know my readers – providing there are any – and, furthermore, would enjoy feeding from your experiences, perceptions, desires and hardships as overweight women.

Thus, what I would like to get from you is not adulation (that, too, of course!) but comments related to the topic, your ideas for future articles, yours desires, your impressions. Sometimes, even the raised thumb (“Like”) suffices. I can handle critique and negative reactions to blog posts but what am I do to with no reaction at all?

Carry on as usual? Into the blue? Just for the hell of it? For an end it itself? Well, I can see me running out of topics pretty soon. If that is desired I will stuck to my concept until the end and be done with this. Foreseeable, manageable, thank you, good bye.

Change anything? It would by my pleasure if only I knew what type of changes are requested. If at all.
The ideal case in my imagination would be if you, the readers, send in topics, questions, problems which concern or even bother you and which you can or will not write down in your own name for any type of public. I could do that for you.
I can offer style and/or fashion advice if asked for. Do you have any particular questions or topics which are not dealt with otherwise or elsewhere? Do you need actual information on shopping, brands, names?

Or something completely different? Like what?

You are on the spot, dear readers!

Best regards,

Frau Hein (in reflective mood today)


Mein Name ist Edda, ich bin 57 Jahre alt und man sagt mir ein Händchen für Styling nach. Da ich gerne mit Menschen zu tun habe, hätte ich Lust, hier Stylingtipps und allerlei Praktisches/Faktisches im Zusammenhang mit Mode und Style aufzuschreiben.
My name is Edda, I was born 57 years ago and I am told that I have a great style. I like to be with people and my idea is to use this blog to give all kinds of practical/factual information regarding fashion and style.
Du findest mich auch hier / You can also find me here:
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