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Nicky Rockets

Burlesque, Rockabilly, Punk und Pinup a mixture for cool Plus Size T Shirts. Nicky Rockets has implemented his idea and designs t shirts of a special kind. I did an interview with him.

•  Nicky, you are a photographer, right? How did you become a T Shirt Designer?

I’ve always been obsessed with tee shirts and collect unusual cool designs myself. Drawing and design is a passion and I had designed tee shirts for burlesque events I had promoted as well as making stuff for myself. The concept of Nicky Rockets came from hearing my wife Betty say she was sick of never seeing any representations of plus size and curvy women as super heroes, adventurers and even classic pin up tees all featured women with proportions that were nothing like hers. I created the character of Curverella as a gift to Betty and as a plus size blogger she felt they needed to be shared and so the tee shirt brand was born.

• When did that happen?

Nicky Rockets lauched 12 months ago and its been fairly frantic ever since.

• You seem to focus on Plus Size Women, please tell us why is that?

I’m married to a plus size hottie and am very inspired by curvy sassy representations of women. I love the pin up art of the fifties but as great as it is, its like images trapped in amber and to my mind  not reflective of the variety in modern day beauty and femininity.By focusing on heroines with plus size proportions I hope I’m bringing something new and modern to what is a fairly classical art type. There is a power and softness in a fuller figured woman and I really like that juxtaposition.

• What inspires your designs?

My go to inspirations are always B movie art posters, old tattoo art and the pin up work of artists like Elvgren.Teeshirt wise I love the ethos of Johnny Cupcakes, fashion wise its always interesting to see what Chubby Cartwheels is doing. and I like the eccentric Britishness of Vivienne Westwood and Pam Hogg.

• Your T Shirts are only available in black, is there a particular reason for that?

As with everything at Nicky Rockets its borne out of my own tee shirt preferences which have developed over years of being a teeshirt collector. For teh type of designs I do the black background is perfect and there is just something so classic about a black tee.

• What is the size range for your shirts and what is the most popular size

Our range goes from small to 3XL (and we are hoping to stock more sizes as soon as we can find a UK manufacturer) In terms of sizes it used to be that XXL was the most popular but nowadays it seems women of all shapes and sizes are wanting a Nicky rockets tee and that is immensely gratifying.

• What do you want the woman to feel, when she wears your shirts?

Well Curverella our kick ass heroine is not the kind of woman to allow other peoples ideas to be projected onto her and that would be my ideal for our customers too. Feel whatever you like, knowing you look awesome whilst you are doing it

• And what kind of reaction do you hope for when others see a woman wearing your design?

I hope they think “wow cool tee shirt, where can I buy one”

• Where do most of your orders come from?

It used to be predominately the UK but increasingly we sell to American customers and also a lot to Europe particularly Germany. Our tee shirts are worn around the world though, I just posted one to Uruguay

• What is your view on the beauty ideals that are forced on us by the media and fashion industry?

As the father of a young daughter I find a lot of what is perpetrated as an ideal to be quite worrying. Having been on many, many shopping trips with my wife I find it inexcusable that plus size clothes are separated and crushed into tiny corners with less than half the choice available in smaller sizes. To be treated as if your body is “other”  to my mind just reinforces  the idea that difference is bad and almost anti social and that sucks.I hope my tee shirts promote vive Le difference so people start to recognise that their is no right or wrong way to be beautiful.

• Are there further fashion plans for the future?

More designs including some cool seasonal limited edition prints and we are hoping to add some additional clothing featuring Curverella.Watch this space.

Nicky Rockets Onlineshop

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