Closet Corpses and New-Ins – Build your Wardrobe

kleidungMost women know this: the closet is filled with clothes in four different sizes, enough for three women through six different seasons. And we harbour corpses in our closets. How does one get this mess sorted out?

There are certain tricks. For example, at the beginning of a new year you may hang all your clotheshangers in your closet with the open part of the hook facing towards you. After six months or so, depending on how easily one manages to let go of clutter, you determine how many clotheshangers have not been moved, i.e. what clothes have not been worn. These will have to leave your closet.

Or you may stand in front of your open closet, take a good look at each piece of clothing and decide their fate using these categories:

  • Keep
  • Sell
  • Give away

Mind you, the pieces you wish to keep should not be the majority! If you feel you need to hold on to too many pieces of clothing you either have a very big closet and never have any problems finding the right things to wear or you are harbouring closet corpses. This is the usual case in women’s closets – we shelter clothes which we know will never ever be worn again but we are afraid to dispose of because we fear that the feelings we had way back when we did wear them will be lost forever if we get rid of these pieces.

Ideally, you will end up with three piles of clothes. Put back in the closet (hook opening facing towards you!) those pieces you wish to keep. Whatever is in good shape can be sold at ebay, kleiderkreisel, or the flea market. The possibilities to drop off wearable clothes are ample – charities take them, you can bring them to Oxfam and if you use packmee you can send packages of usable clothes without even paying shipment. As a last resort, there is always the clothes collections of non-profit organisations. (Or the odd tinkerer who will gladly use your old rags.)

After clearing up your closet like this please keep in mind for future reference: „If one piece goes in another one goes out!“ in order to prevent rampant growth in the clothing sector.

But first off, you will need some basic pieces in your closet, such as:

  • one pair of well fitting jeans
  • pair of well fitting slacks in black, dark blue, or grey
  • high quality shirts or tops, two each, stretchy material, V-neck and not too deep round cut neckline in black, dark blue, or white
  • one white long sleeved shirt, simply cut, stretchy fabricbunt
  • one slim-cut dress (sheath dress, pencil dress, shift dress). Black would be the best colour to start with because in that case you already have the
  • inevitable LBD (little black dress) in your closet. Dark blue or grey will do as well
  • one blazer, single breasted, V-neck cut
  • two light cardigans in black, dark blue, grey, or beige (or all)
  • One pair of comfortable pumps with low heels. Black goes with everything. Brand Rieker offers pumps which are not overly stylish but very becoming and comfy.
  • Opaque tights, at least 60den, in black or dark blue (amazon sells them up to size 28)

And that’s it. In combination with accessories such as a watch, jewelry, a scarf, a handbag, and shoes the above basics will guarantee you a fine entrance to every possible occasion. Promise. The colours black and dark blue combine very well not only with each other (yes, nowadays one may wear black and dark blue in the same outfit) but with almost every colour. The same piece of clothing e.g. a pair of jeans worn together with different shirts and cardigans makes for a different look in every combination. One is far better off with having a small amount of high quality and well fitting basic pieces of clothing in the closet than owning large amounts of shoddy clothes which never hold the promises they make when it comes to fit, hanging on the body like a potato sack. You may indulge in your desire for trinkets when it comes to accessories.
Less is more – a woman dressed in black with one piece of colour in her outfit will never be out of style.

In my next article I will be dealing with colour choices, cuts and styles which present different body shapes better than „circus tents” or anything oversized.

Until then, be on the look out for beautiful styles!


Mein Name ist Edda, ich bin 57 Jahre alt und man sagt mir ein Händchen für Styling nach. Da ich gerne mit Menschen zu tun habe, hätte ich Lust, hier Stylingtipps und allerlei Praktisches/Faktisches im Zusammenhang mit Mode und Style aufzuschreiben.
My name is Edda, I was born 57 years ago and I am told that I have a great style. I like to be with people and my idea is to use this blog to give all kinds of practical/factual information regarding fashion and style.
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