A change is gonna come

ikeaWouldn’t that be something else?

Women all over the world can relate to this – the long haired want to have short hair, the smaller ones crave to be a little taller, the fat ones *)would do almost anything to be slim. There just does not seem to be a point in life where she is 100% right. I keep asking myself: Why is that so? Don’t we have any other topics to deal with? Why are we never good enough?

First of all, a woman has to make her own decision whether or not she wants to change anything about her look. Almost as a reflex most women will answer: “Yes, I do!”.

Before taking any further steps I would like to entourage you to take a close look at your individual motivation about the wish to change things. Is it you who wants the change? Or is it somebody or something else? Please, try to be as honest with yourself as possible although you – and me, and the majority of women – have probably fallen prey to ages and ages of brainwash making it impossible to discern between self-determination and external control.

There are people, even females, who decidedly do not succumb to any norm regarding body size and/or clothing. On the other hand, old habits die hard and most people feel safest as part of a flock. Others may detect a certain pressure towards conformity steering them more or less subtly into a direction they do not “feel” but nevertheless follow for good reasons.

mywayIf, at the end of your pondering about change your decision is “I want to go my way” please be aware that any type of modification you choose to commence (not to speak of the future outcome) will work changes inside of yourself. This sounds so scary at first because it is part of human nature to fear nothing as much as change.

Anybody (any body!) who wants to go on that journey with me is invited to my blog. Boarding and exiting is possible at any time of the ride.

Frau Hein

*) In this and future post I am using the word “fat” not as a derogatory term but as a statement like “blond” or “shoe size 9”. Please do not take offense – you may have fat, but you are not fat. You have fingernails, too, but you are not fingernails.

Mein Name ist Edda, ich bin 57 Jahre alt und man sagt mir ein Händchen für Styling nach. Da ich gerne mit Menschen zu tun habe, hätte ich Lust, hier Stylingtipps und allerlei Praktisches/Faktisches im Zusammenhang mit Mode und Style aufzuschreiben.
My name is Edda, I was born 57 years ago and I am told that I have a great style. I like to be with people and my idea is to use this blog to give all kinds of practical/factual information regarding fashion and style.
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