7 Reasons Self Acceptance And Body Positivity

7 Reasons Self Acceptance And Body Positivity

…Aren’t The Same As “Giving Up On Yourself” And Why That Matters.

There are a few widespread myths and common complaints that detractors have about the size acceptance movement, and that seemingly always come into play when, say, un-retouched pictures of Tess Holliday go viral or when the body posi documentary Plus Size Wars comes out. There’s the common refrain of Internet commenters that encouraging size acceptance and finding all bodies beautiful and valuable means “promoting” or “glamorizing” obesity and “unhealthy” lifestyles. The fear that a plus-size body whose value is not dictated by diet culture can be seen as beautiful — and whose existence is unapologetic —  is palpable.

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Kurven Koeniginnen

Kurven Koeniginnen


Kurven Königinnen möchte eine positive Lebenseinstellung vermitteln und andere kurvige Frauen motivieren, mit Humor und innerer Leichtigkeit durchs Leben zu gehen.
Kurvy Kweens want to convey a positive attitude and motivate other curvy women to go through life with humor and inner ease.
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